Rock In Purgatory on Kickstarter

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The collected print edition will feature all strips published in Popcorn Horror magazine, plus brand new, never before published strips. The 48 page book will be presented as a parody music magazine. It will include a poster pull out section, articles on the bands and urban legends that inspired the comic and a ‘backstage’ section of concept art and creation process images and info.

I am planning some heavy metal themed rewards to accompany the book. Kickstarter backers can choose Rock In Purgatory t-shirts, backstage passes, ticket stubs, plectrums and badges. Plus there will be plenty of prints and original art for you to get your hands on too.

Keep an eye on my Twitter for more updates on the lead up to the Kickstarter launch. I will be putting out images and info about the rewards, and sneak peaks of the book as well.

Wanna try before you buy? Read all published Rock In Purgatory strips for FREE now!


Radvent Day 24 – And To All A Goodnight

…and to all a goodnight.
Thanks for following Radvent with me this December. It’s been great to share a huge selection of my comics and illustration work, both new and old. I originally planned to drop a Christmas pinup girl on Christmas Eve, but instead I’ve gone with something a little more in keeping with my current and upcoming comics output.

Have an awesome Christmas, and look out for a big Rock In Purgatory announcement before New Year’s Eve.

Radvent Day 23 – Yesterday’s Screws

Radvent Day 22 – Headz

This is a concept sketch for the cover of issue on of Headz. Establishing Datsun, the protagonist, and hinting at the villains character designs, this piece will be re-worked and published soon to begin full promotion of the webcomic series.

Like what you see? Don’t forget I have also released the first completed page of Headz as part of radvent. I’ll be teasing more images and plot points in the new year.

Headz begins in May 2018.

Radvent Day 21 – The Pystons

Radvent Day 20 – Sweaty Suzy

Radvent Day 19 – Angel Of Death