Unfortunate Tales – new horror webcomic

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Love VHS horror and unpleasant comics? Then you need Unfortunate Tales From Planet B in your life!

Written by awesome awkward writer Ken Wynne and illustrated by yours truly, Unfortunat Tales is a new horror webcomic published on the Attack From Planet B website. Riffing off of classic horror movies and sub-genres, this fortnightly strip will be providing your horror comics fix from now on.

Presented online, Unfortunate Tales utilises the traditional three panel newspaper strip format and slaps it in your webcomic loving face. Make sure you check out the first edition now.

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Rock In Purgatory on Kickstarter

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The collected print edition will feature all strips published in Popcorn Horror magazine, plus brand new, never before published strips. The 48 page book will be presented as a parody music magazine. It will include a poster pull out section, articles on the bands and urban legends that inspired the comic and a ‘backstage’ section of concept art and creation process images and info.

I am planning some heavy metal themed rewards to accompany the book. Kickstarter backers can choose Rock In Purgatory t-shirts, backstage passes, ticket stubs, plectrums and badges. Plus there will be plenty of prints and original art for you to get your hands on too.

Keep an eye on my Twitter for more updates on the lead up to the Kickstarter launch. I will be putting out images and info about the rewards, and sneak peaks of the book as well.

Wanna try before you buy? Read all published Rock In Purgatory strips for FREE now!

Radvent Day 23 – Yesterday’s Screws

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Radvent Day 14 – Nancy Says ‘No’

Nancy says 'No'

As a massive Nightmare on Elm Street fan, I have drawn plenty of fan art and some exciting commissions related to this franchise. Though Freddy is an amazing character to play with, I always liked Nancy so much that I would draw her more often than Freddy.

In this piece I took the classic Dream Warriors scene with Freddy as an all-devouring worm and gave it a bit of a Calvin and Hobbs treatment. The result is a nice little homage to my favourite Elm Street movie, turning Freddy’s humourous quips back on him in a single word from Nancy.

I have A6 prints of this piece available to buy from my store. I am also selling the original A3 sized artwork – if anyone is interested, name your price!

More radvent tomorrow….

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