Rock In Purgatory Kickstarter – 1 February

The Rock In Purgatory Kickstarter launches on 1 February. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can get your hands on when it goes live.


Love comics?

You can get the full colour 48 page print edition of the comic for just £5 when you back the book on Kickstarter in February. All print edition backers will also get a digital copy of the book and will have their names added to the acknowledgements in the back cover. There will also be a digital only version which will set you back just £1, if digital is more your thing.

rip-multi-plecturm-blogLove merch?

It’s a heavy metal comic, so there has to be some heavy metal merch on offer too. You can grab exclusive plectrums and badges which will make you the envy of your metal loving friends. If you are a live music fan you’ll love the souvenir gig tickets and VIP backstage passes that you can pick up. And for the ultimate heavy metal comic fan there are limited edition t-shirts available too.


Love art?

Exclusive art prints will be available in the mid-priced reward tier. These will feature Rock In Purgatory artwork plus some heavy metal themed pieces of Kiss and Slayer, two of my favouite bands. Original artwork from the comic can be bought. Individual panels drawn at A4 scale, and whole pages drawn at A3 scale can be chosen, all of which will be signed by me.

Something unique?

The highest tier is for individual commissions. You can grab the comic and other rewards as well as a personal commission of your own. The commission can be of anything you want, not just horror or heavy metal related. So, check your piggy bank and consider backing this tier for something truly unique.


Check back here for updates and the link to the campaign when it launches, or follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


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