Unfortunate Tales – new horror webcomic

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Love VHS horror and unpleasant comics? Then you need Unfortunate Tales From Planet B in your life!

Written by awesome awkward writer Ken Wynne and illustrated by yours truly, Unfortunat Tales is a new horror webcomic published on the Attack From Planet B website. Riffing off of classic horror movies and sub-genres, this fortnightly strip will be providing your horror comics fix from now on.

Presented online, Unfortunate Tales utilises the traditional three panel newspaper strip format and slaps it in your webcomic loving face. Make sure you check out the first edition now.

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Rock In Purgatory on Kickstarter NOW!


The ultimate heavy metal horror comic is here!

Head over to Kickstarter right now to back the book. You can pick up incredible rewards, including art prints, original comic art, plectrums, badges, backstage passes, t-shirts and more!

Read a ton of sample pages right now for free.

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Rock In Purgatory Kickstarter – 1 February

The Rock In Purgatory Kickstarter launches on 1 February. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can get your hands on when it goes live.


Love comics?

You can get the full colour 48 page print edition of the comic for just £5 when you back the book on Kickstarter in February. All print edition backers will also get a digital copy of the book and will have their names added to the acknowledgements in the back cover. There will also be a digital only version which will set you back just £1, if digital is more your thing.

rip-multi-plecturm-blogLove merch?

It’s a heavy metal comic, so there has to be some heavy metal merch on offer too. You can grab exclusive plectrums and badges which will make you the envy of your metal loving friends. If you are a live music fan you’ll love the souvenir gig tickets and VIP backstage passes that you can pick up. And for the ultimate heavy metal comic fan there are limited edition t-shirts available too.


Love art?

Exclusive art prints will be available in the mid-priced reward tier. These will feature Rock In Purgatory artwork plus some heavy metal themed pieces of Kiss and Slayer, two of my favouite bands. Original artwork from the comic can be bought. Individual panels drawn at A4 scale, and whole pages drawn at A3 scale can be chosen, all of which will be signed by me.

Something unique?

The highest tier is for individual commissions. You can grab the comic and other rewards as well as a personal commission of your own. The commission can be of anything you want, not just horror or heavy metal related. So, check your piggy bank and consider backing this tier for something truly unique.


Check back here for updates and the link to the campaign when it launches, or follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

2018 goals

I’ve just been looking back at my new year goals for 2017. It’s interesting to see that I have achieved some quite different things over the past year than I expected.

2018-1My main plans had been to submit more things to publishers and to get the Rock In Purgatory book printed and released. Neither of these actually happened. However, the Rock In Purgatory book is launching on Kickstarter on 1 February. I’m pleased about the delay though. Originally, Rock In Purgatory would have been a 24 page comic, but now it will be a 48 pager, including loads of extra comics, art and articles, all presented as a parody music magazine. So, in the end, I am going to be releasing something I’m much happier about.

2018-2Though I didn’t do much in respect of publisher submissions, thanks to my awesome illustrator friend Heather Chapman, I have done so many more challenges and experiments than I have ever done before. One of these resulted in the Toad Of Toad Hall silent comic, something I would never have thought to do off of my own back. Heather’s support and enthusiasm, as well as her incredible illustration skills, have been the most prominent reasons I feel that my art has improved so much in 2017.



2018-3I also ended up organising the first ever Wimbledon Comic Art Festival. As an ex-live music promoter it was only a matter of time before I put on my own comics event. I was ecstatically pleased to have it become a huge success. Exhibitors and visitors have expressed a desire for me to run a follow up event in 2018. The venue, Merton Art Space, want me back, so it would be rude not to!

So, new stuff for this year. Aside from the Kickstarter to release the Rock In Purgatory book, I will be launching my new ongoing comic, Headz, in May. A sci-fi crime noir, Headz takes as many cues from Dick Tracy and Blacksad as it does They Live and Mars Attacks. Production on the art is well underway, and I have tens of pages written already, so I can’t wait to unleash it on you all.

I will be putting on an event or two in 2018, but also plan to involve myself in different events as well. On 20 January I will be speaking as part of a panel at S.M.A.S.H., organised by London Graphic Novel Network. I also have my eye on a few horror conventions to tabel at.

I’ve been saying for the past few years that I would like to release an illustrated calendar, so this year I’m going to actually plan in when to create that so it’s ready at the right time! And I will be returning to the pages of Popcorn Horror magazine with a new horror comic.

In between all this, I will be drawing everyday, hoping to secure commissions and making more noise at publishers to see if they would be up for having me on their roster. I’ll be posting on social media like a demon (as always) so stay tuned to my Twitter or check back here for updates on my work.

Happy New Year!

Rock In Purgatory on Kickstarter

ks blog 2018

The collected print edition will feature all strips published in Popcorn Horror magazine, plus brand new, never before published strips. The 48 page book will be presented as a parody music magazine. It will include a poster pull out section, articles on the bands and urban legends that inspired the comic and a ‘backstage’ section of concept art and creation process images and info.

I am planning some heavy metal themed rewards to accompany the book. Kickstarter backers can choose Rock In Purgatory t-shirts, backstage passes, ticket stubs, plectrums and badges. Plus there will be plenty of prints and original art for you to get your hands on too.

Keep an eye on my Twitter for more updates on the lead up to the Kickstarter launch. I will be putting out images and info about the rewards, and sneak peaks of the book as well.

Wanna try before you buy? Read all published Rock In Purgatory strips for FREE now!

Radvent Day 24 – And To All A Goodnight

…and to all a goodnight.
Thanks for following Radvent with me this December. It’s been great to share a huge selection of my comics and illustration work, both new and old. I originally planned to drop a Christmas pinup girl on Christmas Eve, but instead I’ve gone with something a little more in keeping with my current and upcoming comics output.

Have an awesome Christmas, and look out for a big Rock In Purgatory announcement before New Year’s Eve.

Radvent Day 23 – Yesterday’s Screws