5 reasons to buy Rock In Purgatory

Not got a copy of Rock In Purgatory yet? Are you mad?! Here’s five clickbait reasons to put your money where your mouth is…

More than just a comic
Rock In Purgatory is presented as a parody music magazine. So alongside the awesome comic strips, you’ll get a poster pull out section, fake ads for tours and instrument endorsements, articles about the bands who have influenced the strips and behind the scenes pieces that show how the art came together.

It sets up for Heads! my new comic project
Heads! begins on 29 May and one of the primary story arcs revolves around a band called Vortex Face. This band’s first appearance features in Rock In Purgatory and serves as a prequel to the events they instigate in Heads! Get yourself ahead of the curve by buying Rock In Purgatory.

Loads of never before published comic strips
Though it ran as strip in Popcorn Horror magazine for over a year, this collection brings all the published strips together with loads of others that have never been seen before. Discover awesome new bands who meet incredible and outrageous deaths!

Supporting comic creators makes you cool
Subjective, I guess, but I’ll certainly think you ar e a lot cooler if you buy my comic…

It’s the most fun you can have without going to a metal gig
Rock In Purgatory combines heavy metal music, horror movie gore and comic book sequential art. If you love any or all of those genres then you are bound to find something in this collection to amuse and entertain you.

So what are you waiting for – go buy a copy now!


Heads! is coming

On 29 May, my new comic project Heads! finally launches. After months of anticipation, you will soon get to find out what Heads! is all about.

In a change to my usual horror content, Heads! will be a sci-fi private detective comic. Rendered in black and white pencil tones the style of the comic harks back to the pulp era of crime noir. This will juxtapose nicely with the story being based in the present day, with much reference to social media and current technology throughout.

A crime story at heart, Heads! incorporates plenty of unusual sci-fi twists, giving the story an X-Files kind of edge. Are these bizarre crimes being carried out by hyper intelligent criminals, or is there a paranormal, alien or supernatural force behind it all? And who are these girls, with those Heads?

Heads! will be released as a weekly webcomic pilot, starting 29 May. Let me know whether you want to carry on reading online or if you would prefer a print run of this series.

Stay tuned…

Rock In Purgatory available to order!

Get over to my store and order your copy of Rock In Purgatory right now!


A long last, the print edition of Rock In Purgatory can be yours. The comic is being finalised with the printers, ready for shipping in May. As well as the 48 page full colour print edition of the comic, you can buy bundles including exclusive art prints and awesome badges too.

I’m really excited to finally have this comic in print format and am looking forward to getting copies out to everyone who loves Rock In Purgatory as much as I do. I will soon be booking onto comic events for later in the year, so stay tuned for news on where you can meet me.

Buy the comic now – or read some free samples to try before you buy.

Pre-order Rock In Purgatory from 23 April

Rock In Purgatory is coming to print!

preorder blog

The 48 page full colour print edition will be available to pre-order from Monday 23 April. As well as the comic, there will also be badges and exclusive art prints for sale as well. A bundle with all items at a discounted rate will be available on a limited basis.

I’m really pleased to be able to get Rock In Purgatory in print and out to those of you who have been dying to get a copy of your own. You will be able to read all the strips from the Popcorn Horror run, as well as loads of never before published strips from the first series. There will also be a poster pull out section, articles about the bands that have inspired the comic, character designs, sketches and behind the scenes pages revealing my creation process.

Make sure you save the date and get your order in quick to avoid disappointment.

Wanna try before you buy? Read all published strips FOR FREE NOW!

Spring comics updates

Lots coming up from me in the next few months – here’s the low-down…


My new comic Heads! will be getting released in May. It’s a sci-fi private detective comic, for fans of Dick Tracy, The X-Files and They Live. Expect lots of grimy black and white noir art, classic mystery and devious oddities, all wrapped up with biting south London wit.

Rock In Purgatory WILL get a print run!
Despite the Kickstarter campaign coming in just shy of the target, I am hard at work on funding options for a print run. I will be offering a pre-order for the comic once I have booked in the supplier, with an early bird discount of excited fans and backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Read some samples for FREE now.

Unfortunate Tales
The new webcomic I am drawing for the madmen over at Attack From Planet B will ramp up throughout spring. The first few strips have been loads of fun to create. Parodying classic horror movies, the strip will entertain anyone who loves VHS horror and video nasties.

I’ve been a hermit too long! Once the Rock In Purgatory print run is in my hands I’ll be getting myself booked onto some conventions. If anyone is running a small press event and would be interested in having me run a table, please give me a shout!

Unfortunate Tales – new horror webcomic

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Love VHS horror and unpleasant comics? Then you need Unfortunate Tales From Planet B in your life!

Written by awesome awkward writer Ken Wynne and illustrated by yours truly, Unfortunat Tales is a new horror webcomic published on the Attack From Planet B website. Riffing off of classic horror movies and sub-genres, this fortnightly strip will be providing your horror comics fix from now on.

Presented online, Unfortunate Tales utilises the traditional three panel newspaper strip format and slaps it in your webcomic loving face. Make sure you check out the first edition now.

Follow me on Twitter for updates and be sure to follow Ken Wynne and Attack From Planet B as well.